Best Hair Dryer Reviews And Buying Guide

best hair dryer 1Who says choosing the best hair dryer is easy? With abundance of brands and models, each offering its own bold claims, it is easy to spend a good amount of money but still end up with unsightly frizzy hair. Even the one that’s sold for over 100 bucks won’t guarantee that you’ll get smooth shiny hair. You’ve felt that too? Well, no worries. In this hair dryer review, I’m going to help you sort through all the cheap junks and show you exactly what a good hair dryer should do. You will also find out which type of hair dryer that best fits your hair.

How Does a Hair Dryer Work?

Basically, all hair dryers work the same way. They blow air over damp hair to make it dry faster. The air is pushed through wire coils that heat it up before it is blown out. Now what makes one hair dryer different from another is often these coils. Some coils are made of special material that it’s capable of heating the air faster. The first hair dryer was invented in 1890 by Alexander Godefoy, a French salon owner. Over the last century, hair dryer has gone through major design overhaul. Not only is it more portable today but the addition of interrupter circuit plug also makes it very safe to be used in such a damp area like bathroom.

Types of Hair Dryer

In terms of the featured heating coils, there are two major types of hair dryers: tourmaline and ceramic. Generally, ceramic hair dryer is more affordable because clay, as its main composite material, is pretty abundant in numbers. The one thing that attracts many people to use this type of hair dryer is its capability of producing infrared heat which is very unlikely to damage your hair as it dries it from the inside.

Tourmaline hair dryer, on the other hand, is more expensive but that doesn’t go without reasons. First off, tourmaline is a gemstone that is difficult to get. Moreover, tourmaline is capable of emitting negative ions which can break down water molecules to smaller droplets, making it evaporate even more quickly. Mind you, some researches indicate that tourmaline hair dryers may dry wet hair up to 40% faster, leaving the users with smooth and shiny locks.

In addition to those three, there are cordless hair dryers which are battery-powered, making them a perfect option for outdoor use. Furthermore, sit-under hair dryers are also worth mentioning because nowadays they no longer are exclusive property of high-end salon. Lastly, we’ve got low EMF hair dryers. Their major selling point is the limited electromagnetic force (EMF) which is unhealthy for our health.

Benefit of Hair Dryer

First things first, blowdryer helps dry off your hair faster. You do not want to go to work with your hair still completely wet, do you? Another thing that you will like from a good hair dryer is it gives you frizz-free and smooth hair. You may have a lot of time in the morning and wait until the room air dries off your hair naturally, but I am sure you will not love how it looks once it is dry. Also, some ceramic hair dryers feature an advanced nano technology that helps prevent bacteria growth, allowing you to have more healthy hair.

What to Consider when Looking to Buying a Hairdryer

Like I explained before, it’s never too easy when it comes to choosing the best hair dryer. One might say it’s an art because of the many things you need to take into account. Still, let me summarize it for you. Firstly, take a look at its power. Generally speaking, a good dryer runs at 2000 watts. Lower than that means you will need longer time to dry off your hair while higher can spell a disaster as it may burn your hair. Furthermore, look for a hair dryer that come with AC Motors. They are commonly more reliable and durable over time.

Moreover, make sure you pick out a model that has multiple heat settings. You need to mix all of them to avoid damaging your hair. Additionally, a handy feature such as cool shot button and ionic technology may prove to be vital for certain type of hair. Mind you, ionic hair dryer is particularly good for thick and dry hair. Last but not least, if possible, try to get a lightweight hair dryer. You may not notice it in the beginning, but drying your hair with some heavy blowdryer may leave you with stiff muscle. Oh, one more thing, make sure it’s quiet too. You don’t want to wake up your boyfriend with your hair dryer, do you?

Top 5 Hair Dryer Reviews

Elchim 3900

Elchim 3900Obviously Elchim 3900 is not a low-tier hair dryer, which may look expensive if you’re not used to a high-end model. Truth be told, it really isn’t. As a hair dryer that’s sold for less than 200 bucks, this Italian masterpiece is clearly on-par with those having a price tag of over $300. For once, the weight and size is ideal for most women’s hand; it’s compact and light. Furthermore, as far as the features go, it doesn’t lack a single thing I mentioned earlier. It runs at 2400 watts with ceramic coils that not only heat up quickly but can also emit negative ions for faster yet safe drying. The airflow is quite strong so I’d recommend to always using it with the attachments it comes with. Otherwise, you’ll blow your hair all over. In addition to the switches that you can use to adjust the heat, there is also a button for cool air shot. Styling with this baby can never be any easier.

BaByliss PRO Nano

BaByliss PRO NanoI’m not sure if Ferrari also manufactures engine for hair dryers but the box of BaByliss PRO Nano clearly says that its V12 AC engine is designed by Ferrari. That aside, this Italian-made appliance has all it takes to be the best blowdryer on the market. The body seems to have more weight in it, compared to Elchim 3900 but it’s not to an overwhelming extent. With power of 2000 watts, this hair dryer heats up just right. Needless to say, you have full control over the air temperature as well as the airflow. To be precise, it provides you with six different settings that you can adjust easily via a nice pair of backlit buttons. There are two attachment nozzles that come with it to help you channel the airflow better and like most premium hair dryer, it’s got a cool air shot button. All in all, this one is a great blowdryer for its price.

Solano 3700

Solano 3700Featuring ionic tourmaline coils, it’s easy to figure out why Solano 3700 is over $30 more expensive than the previous two products. Despite using industry’s least powerful AC motor that runs at 1875 watts, it does get the job done fairly quickly, even if your hair is rather thick and voluminous. On its handle there is a button that you can use to change the heat settings easily. Precisely, you may adjust the air temperature to “warm” and “hot” only. Now if you previously used some cheap blowdryer that gets as hot as a cloth iron, you may be a bit disappointed to find out that the “hot” setting can’t make it that hot. Still, it’s a good thing because it won’t likely damage your hair, leaving you with naturally shiny locks every day. The condenser nozzles come with the box, which is nice, but for the Solano’s exclusive diffuser you need to pay an extra $20.

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2iTourmaline coils are great but ceramic coils with the far infrared heat are not a bad deal either. Why don’t we combine the two, right? That’s exactly what you’ll get with this T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i. To give you a brief picture on how good this blowdryer is, it was awarded as the Best Blowdryer in 2013 by Allure. You simply can’t go wrong with this one. The far infrared heat emitted by the ceramic coils will dry off your hair from inside out, minimizing the risk of it getting damaged by the heat. At the same time, the negative ions produced by tourmaline will keep your hair’s natural moisture, preventing it from frizzing up. Better yet, it comes with a whole bunch of accessories, including the 2.5” tourmaline ceramic brush that does a great job at styling your hair. Now, my only concern is that for some reason, it’s get a real bad review by some users on Amazon. So, I’d suggest you contact the manufacturer before buying one from there.

Deva Blow Dryer

Deva Blow DryerOn the lowest end of this list is Deva Blow Dryer but don’t feel bad about this baby because it is a real good product. Next to the hair dryer itself, the package also includes one condenser attachment and one finger diffuser. You will totally love the latter if your hair is curly and wavy because it helps distribute the heated air all over your hair evenly. The engine is also capable of producing negative ions that keep away all the static and seal the moisture inside the cuticle, making your hair shiny all day long. Overall, I think this blowdryer is worth way more than its price.